Our mission is to excite and empower everyday people of all ages to become confident, responsible and proficient participants and developers of technology.

Welcome to TechZone Academy. We are are based in Sydney and offer group workshops, interest clubs and one-to-one tutoring in Computing & Technology for all ages. More than just a coding school, TechZone Academy is a technology movement. Our mission is to break the barriers that exist in the computing domain despite gender or age. We provide opportunities to play with innovative and emerging technologies, develop inquiry and be guided through individualised learning programs which promotes life-long learning. Problem solving, project management, team work, leadership and engagement are all essential skills in the 21st Century.


Students take part in the learning cycle: play – learn – master, as they are encouraged to play and learn new technology based skills and share what they have learnt. Tailored to meet the needs of people of all ages and abilities, there are different teaching & learning programs made available for different needs. Whether you are a first time technology user or experienced and seeking a challenge, want to learn active leadership and entrepreneurial skills, need a problem solved or seeking some after school tutoring, we have a program for you. These include:

  1. TechZone One-to-One Tutoring: Do it in your time, and your way. An individual assessment will take place with free initial consultation to determine what it is you need from the learning program. An individualised learning program will then be devised, together with ample assessment and strategies to help achieve your learning goals.

  2. TechZone Play-Dates & Workshops are a series of group workshops targeting varied age groups and abilities. The ethos of the workshops stem from a problem that requires an ICT based solution in order to aid engagement and real-life problem solving. 

  3. TechZone Interest Clubs are designed to explore skills, knowledge and interest in Technology areas of your choice with like minded people. Best thing about it is that you get to learn lots along the way!!  Become an expert and push the boundaries in no time!!!



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