We offer technology training in a range of areas suited to all needs and ages.

General Computer Use & Setup

Absolute Basics and beginners.. want to learn about all the different keyboard buttons, getting around your computer, safely setting up, backing up, updating and maintaining longer computer life?  This one is for you!! Focused on operating your computer and key understanding of how it all works. 

Internet Security, Safety & Privacy

Q: Do you teach them the dangers or block them, or both? Every digital citizen deserves the right to know and understand all the risks, young and old!! Our actions online could change our life, and we must be mindful of these. Aimed to children and adults who want to learn the issues, risks and threats of using the internet and technologies. You will learn how to safeguard and protect yourself and your loved ones against them!! More importantly, this will give you peace of mind. EDUCATION is POWER!!


Welcome to the world of computational thinking, programming and coding! Lots of problem solving here, teamed up with team work. You will learn how to program Robots to perform different tasks and solve authentic problems. This could include designing for a dance comp, sumo wrestling or rescue operation mission!!! 

Graphics & Manipulation

Have an interest in special effects, graphics and manipulation?? Or simply want to learn more about Photoshop and want your professional prints to come to life?? 

Digital Media & Film Design

For the beginning Youtuber at heart or simply have an interest in video design and special effects.. this ones for you! Learn to create professional looking videos, learn about story boarding, scripting, panning and camera and the art of special effects!!  


Whether you have experience or not, learn to code using drones and hovercrafts. You will learn essential knowledge and skills in aerodynamics, coding and programming! 

Programming & Coding

More computational thinking and problem solving.. Build your own programs, games or apps. You will learn fundamental programming and coding using several languages. From beginners to advance!  

Game Development 2D/3D

Why not get in on the action and learn to design your own games. Whether it be 2D style arcade game or 3D like mindcraft or Roblox game.. this ones for you.. Even get to learn how to code along the way! 

3D Modelling & Printing

Want to dive into the world of 3D? Design your own mobile phone cover, perhaps a key-ring or go bigger and assemble a lamp.. the world is your oyster!



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