Drone Mission 1 - Manual Free Flight

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

What will you learn during this mission?

You will learn how to:

- correctly setup your Makeblock Airblock.

- calibrate your drone

- use control pad

- safely lift off and land

- perform stunts

What will you need?

You will need an Airblock setup with your tablet. Follow the steps below:

STEP 1 | Check your license no. This is also your team number.

Licence number is your TEAM number as well as your DRONE number.

STEP 2 | Find your TEAM drone

Look for your Team-Licence Number

STEP 3 | Check your parts

One red fan must have a RED foot.

STEP 4 | Assemble your DRONE

Make sure fan with RED FOOT is ontop

STEP 5 | Install BATTERY

Make sure FORKS ON BATTERY match up

STEP 6 | Connect DRONE to TABLET

Place tablet directly on top of drone and CONNECT


You must adjust/calibrate EVERY time you install new charged battery


STEP 8 | Use Control Pad


  • Correctly Assemble & Position drone

  • Calibrate Drone (Go to 'ADJUSTING' - top right menu for SETTINGS - see image)

  • Safe lift-off launch pad

  • Free flight drone using all controllers – Ascend, descend, pivot, left, right, forward, back.

  • Perform Stunts: flip, circle, shake.

  • Safe return and landing on launchpaD

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