What will your kids be doing these holidays?

Get them off the iPads and a fully immersive environment which forces them to engage, participate and actively communicate while solving real life problems.

What will they learn on the day?


  • Manual Free-Flight: Learn to fly your aircraft as you perform a series of challenges including Lift Off, landing and flying stunts.

  • Auto-Pilot Mode: Build your own drone control pad: Code your own control pad using block programming

  • Hovercraft Mode: Code and engineer, convert your drone into a fully fledged hovercraft and make it completely unique.


  • Paths and colour Coding: Create paths that Ozobots can follow.

  • Ozobot Cross Country: Code your ozobot to cross countries (and desks) in teams. Overcome obstacles through color codes and design your own paths.

These workshops are tailored for students with beginner and intermediate experience in robotics, drones and coding.

Recommended Ages

DRONES: 8-15 yrs + OZOBOTS: 5 yrs +

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