TechZone Academy offers a ranges of services using the latest Tech Gadgets for ALL AGES



Looking for enrichment activities geared towards STEM or TECHNOLOGY?


Whether it is a preschool group, primary or high school, teachers or other special interests,

our incursions offer an opportunity to play and explore the latest gadgets.

kids workshops

TechZone Academy offers a range of workshops in the school holidays as well as school term. 

Philosophy behind our teaching programs is geared towards learning through play and investigation. Our aim is to engage our learners with real life experiences and problems and promote active learning, leadership, collaboration and teamwork through out every challenge. 


For the occasional one-to-one support for all ages. Tutoring helps resolve common computer problems, help you better understand concepts or provide high school study and support for HSC Technology Subjects including Software Design & Development, Information Processes & Technology, Industrial Technology (Multimedia), Information Digital Technologies.

teacher professional development

Want to learn more about integrating

edu-tech into your lessons, or trying to find ways to address Digital Technologies curriculum?

TechZone Academy offers educational consultation, digital pedagogy coaching and training workshops just for teachers and to suit any need. 

birthday parties & special events

For something a little different,

why not ignite their interest with a TechZone Birthday Party featuring hands-on mini projects and interactive displays featuring:

drones - hovercrafts - robotics



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